Who am I and why should you care?

David Allen Jones, mild mannered Kentucky boy, prepress graphic designer and part time on-air radio personality, has been blogging in his secret identity as Johnny Bacardi since 2002. He writes about a great many things, but mostly they are limited to things he is interested in, such as comics, music, film, TV, and occasionally sports. He is married (sorry girls) with two grown kids, two dogs, and a cat. This is his attempt to maintain a blog that is solely about music.

If you are nice, he will give you candy.


4 responses

10 01 2009

So…i just left a message…. I am sooooo glad i am not alone…


12 07 2010
Howard dewitt

A great review but check out my second volume on Van for even more depth

8 04 2012

P.S…..You mention you are a part time broadcaster in you mini bio. I recently retired after 32 years in radio; it’s amazing the music I am discovering in oler middle age that I missed ‘the first time around”.

8 04 2012

…and apologies for terrible typos above….

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